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Old party secretary, Set the record of history straight

Old party secretary

Designer: Liu Zhide (刘志德)
1975, January
Old party secretary (Selected from the Huxian peasant painting exhibition)
Lao shuji (Xuan zi Huxian nongmin huazhan) (老书记 (选自户县农民画展)
Publisher: Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社), 4th edition, print no. 8171.890, circulation 1,340,000
Call number: BG E27/321 (IISH collection)

Set the record of history straight

Designer unknown (佚名)
1975, July
Set the record of history straight
Ba diandaode lishi zai diandao guolai (把颠倒的历史再颠倒过来)
Publisher: Tianjin renmin meishu chubanshe (天津人民美术出版社), print no. 8073.10165
Call number: BG E13/951 (Landsberger collection)

'Safe' books devoted to Mao Zedong Thought and subjects related to the Maoist interpretation of reality not only served as 'guides' for the great masses of the people, but also were essential reading material for leaders at every level. Ranging from party secretaries in the rural areas to factory foremen heading the Pi Lin pi Kong campaign (Criticize Lin [Biao], criticize Confucius), the official version of events as it was handed down had to be scrutinized, studied and applied in practice.

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