A day in the life of Dang Ton'ku, student and Red Guard

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Over the years, our posters have been used in many different ways: for exhibitions, as illustrations in books and periodicals, or to be shown on websites, blogs, social media.
Here we would like to give you just a few examples of less obvious cases. If you know other examples, please let us know!

The French blogger "Zoppol" (http://textibule.artblog.fr ) created a video clip of posters from our collection to tell a story about a young Chinese boy on a very particular day in August 1966 on Tian’anmen Square, entitled "Une journée extraordinaire dans la vie de Dang Ton’ku, étudiant et Garde Rouge". He posted it on YouTube on 28 March, 2010. "Dang Ton’ku" in French sounds like "Dans ton cul" - in English: "In your ass".