Guan Shanyue (关山月)

Guan Shanyue (1912-2000, Yangjiang, Guangdong Province) graduated from Guangzhou Municipal Teachers Training College in 1933. His early work consisted of sketches made in Southwestern and Northwestern China as well as in the coastal provinces along the Eastern seaboard. During the war, he was engaged in anti-Japanese activities in Macao and Hong Kong. After 1949, he taught for many years, and became a prominent representative of the "Lingnan School". In 1959, he cooperated in work for the Great Hall of the People. In 1979, one of his paintings, reproduced as a poster external link, was also added to the Great Hall of the People.

Guan, who specializes in Chinese painting, was vice-president of the Chinese Artists Association and president of the Guangdong Studio of Painting.

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