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Chinese Posters
Propaganda, Politics, History, Art

Japanese occupation (1937-1945)  Building the People's Republic (1949-1956)   Intervening years (1960-1965)  Cultural Revolution (1966-1968)  Mao, Jiang Qing, Lin Biao (1966-1972)  Workers, peasants, soldiers (1966-1972)  China opens up (1989-now)

Gallery of Chinese Propaganda Posters

Over 1.500 Chinese propaganda posters are shown on this website. The Gallery features 200 highlights, from the collections of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, and Stefan R. Landsberger (University of Amsterdam, Leiden University).

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Cultural Revolution Campaigns
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Recently added posters

There, there!, 1956 Protect territorial airspace, protect coastal defense, 1983 Always be on the alert, 1978 Mao Zedong Thought gives us direction, we do not lose course in the vast sky, 1977 Training leads to practice, 1973 An impressive strength shakes the vast sky, 1965

It doesn't matter whether enemy airplanes come in broad daylight, in the dark of night, from high or from low, all must be destroyed!, 1964 The mother country's air space will not easily be encroached upon, 1955 The New China has given women the opportunity of serving the nation boundlessly and liberally!, 1953 The territorial airspace of the nation will not be easily encroached upon, 1951 Ferreting out the "Gang of Four" to the satisfaction of the people..., 1977

Go to the countryside to serve the 500 million peasants, 1965 Continue to thoroughly, pervasively and permantly carry out the criticise Lin and criticise Confucius campaign, 1974 Denounce the heinous crimes of the renegade and traitor Lin Biao!, 1973 Thoroughly criticize the counterrevolutionary revisionist line of the renegade and traitor Lin Biao!, 1973 Wage the struggle of criticizing Lin and Confucius to the end, 1974 on Flickr
Over 3.300 Chinese propaganda posters from our collections are on Flickr. Above you see the most recent uploads. Clicking on the images takes you right to Flickr.
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