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Liang Yunqing (梁运清)

Liang Yunqing (1934) is from Dongguan, Guangdong Province. He graduated from the Drawing Department of the Central Art Academy in 1955 and went on to study in the Fresco Department of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (German Democratic Republic) in the same year. After his return in 1961, he taught in Dong Xiwen’s Painting Workshop in the Oil Painting Department of the Central Art Academy. In 1970, he participated in the creation of a mural in the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Sri Lanka, a gift from the People's Republic of China in memory of Solomon Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike, Prime Minister (1956–1959).

Liang is Associate Professor in the Fresco Department of the Central Art Academy. His main works, apart from murals, are oil paintings.


Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

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