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Zhu Naizheng (朱乃正)

Zhu Naizheng (1935) is a native of Zhejiang Province. In 1958, he graduated from the oil painting department of the Central Art Academy. After graduation, he was sent to work in Qinghai Province. In 1972 he was selected with other young designers, including Jin Shangyi and Chen Yifei,to 'technically' correct works that had been sent in by amateurs for the official Cultural Revolution Art Exhibition in Beijing. These works presumably included the paintings done by the Huxian peasant painters.

Zhu was tranferred back to Peking in 1980, and reassigned to the Central Art Academy. He currently teaches there.

The new 'Manba' (Tibetan doctor), early 1970s

The new 'Manba' (Tibetan doctor), early 1970s


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