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Mao, Jiang Qing, Lin Biao (1966-1972)

Long live chairman Mao! Long, long live!
Designer: Shanghai Fine Arts Academy Work Propaganda Team, Revolutionary Committee collective work (上海市美术学校工宣队, 革委会供稿)
1970, October
Long live chairman Mao! Long, long live!
Mao zhuxi wansui! Wanwansui! (毛主席万岁! 万万岁!)
Publisher: Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社)
Size: 53x77 cm.
Call number: BG E13/701 (Landsberger collection)

People are on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, waving Little Red Books. They are looking towards the balcony where Mao appears a few times every year, for the commemoration of the proclamation of the People's Republic on 1 October or Labor Day on 1 May.
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