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Mao, Jiang Qing, Lin Biao (1966-1972)

To go on a thousand 'li' march to temper a red heart
Designer: Shanghai No. 3 glass household utensil factory rev. committee pol. prop. group, Xuhui district residential building and repair company No. 3 construction brigade rev. committee pol. prop. group collective work (上海玻璃器皿三厂, 徐汇区房屋修建公司第三工程队革委会政宣组供稿)
1971, January
To go on a thousand 'li' march to temper a red heart
Qianli yeying lian hongxin (千里野营炼红心)
Publisher: Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出版社)
Size: 53x77 cm.
Call number: BG E13/708 (Landsberger collection)

A group of Mao supporters marches to Beijing to pledge allegiance to Mao. The painting of the young Mao is carried in front, like a traditional icon in a religious procession.

Abigail Holst, Chinese Propaganda Posters in Mao’s Patriotic Health Movements: From Four Pests to SARS (BA Thesis, Emory University, Atlanta, 2016)

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