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China opens up (1989-now)

Cheng Guoying - Firmly support the decision of the Central Committee ...
Designer: Cheng Guoying (程国英)
1999, August
Firmly support the decision of the Central Committee to deal with the illegal organization of 'Falun Gong'
Jianjue yonghu Zhongyang guanyu chuli 'Falun Gong' feifa zuzhide jueding (坚决拥护中央关于处理'法轮功'非法组织的决定)
Publisher: Sichuan meishu chubanshe (四川美术出版社)
Size: 101x70.5 cm.
Call number: BG E13/892 (Landsberger collection)

The Falun Gong movement, a Buddhist inspired meditation doctrine, is a subversive sect according to the Chinese rulers. The movement is banned, its members are arrested.
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