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Building the People's Republic (1949-1956)

Ye Shanlu - Everybody must take precautions against epidemics ...
Designer: Ye Shanlu (叶善箓)
Everybody must take precautions against epidemics to smash the germ warfare of American imperialism!
Renren fangyi, fensui Mei diguo zhuyide xijunzhan! (人人防疫, 粉碎美帝国主义的细菌战!)
Publisher: Renmin meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
Size: 77x53.5 cm.
Call number: BG E13/964 (Landsberger collection)

During the Korean War, the Chinese leaders are convinced that the US are preparing to use bacterial weapons against the country. Massive inoculation campaigns are started to protect the people.
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