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Great Leap Forward (1956-1960)

Zhang Ruji; Wang Shuhui; Shao Guohuan - Go all out and aim high. The East leaps forward ...
Designers: Zhang Ruji (张汝济); Wang Shuhui (王叔晖); Shao Guohuan (邵国寰)
1958, September
Go all out and aim high. The East leaps forward, the West is worried
Guzu ganjin zheng shang you. Dongfang yuejin xifang you (鼓足干劲争上游. 东方跃进西方忧)
Publisher: Renmin meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
Size: 53x78 cm.
Call number: BG E16/33 (IISH collection)

The characters on the sails read 'greater, faster, better, cheaper' - indicating production. Below right are the Taiwanese, shipwrecked and miserable.
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