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Great Leap Forward (1956-1960)

Zhang Ruji; Wang Shuhui; Shao Guohuan - Go all out and aim high. The East leaps forward ...
Designers: Zhang Ruji (张汝济); Wang Shuhui (王叔晖); Shao Guohuan (邵国寰)
1958, September
Go all out and aim high. The East leaps forward, the West is worried
Guzu ganjin zheng shang you. Dongfang yuejin xifang you
Publisher: Renm (鼓足干劲争上游. 东方跃进西方忧)in meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
Size: 53x78 cm.
Call number: BG E16/33 (IISH collection)

The characters on the sails read 'greater, faster, better, cheaper' - indicating production. Below right are the Taiwanese, shipwrecked and miserable.
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