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Happy journey

Happy journey
Designer: Navy Fine Arts' Workers collective work (海军美术工作者集体创作)
1971, March
Happy journey - The great leader Chairman Mao inspected navy vessels and troops for the first time in February 1953, together with Navy warriors
Xingfude hangcheng-Weida lingxiu Mao zhuxi yu yijiuwusannian eryue shouci shicha haijun jianting budui, he haijun zhanshi zai yiqi (幸福的航船-伟大领袖毛主席于一九五三年二月首次视察海军舰艇部队,和海军战士在一起)
Publisher: Renmin meishu chubanshe (人民美术出版社)
Size: 53.5x77 cm.
Call number: BG E13/630 (Landsberger collection)

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