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Our country has 700 million people, ...

Our country has 700 million people, ...
Designer unknown (佚名)
Ca. 1969
Our country has 700 million people, with the workers as the leading class. It is imperative that the working class realizes its full potential in all the work of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The working class also continually has to heighten its own political viewpoint in the thick of struggle.
Wo guo you qiyi renkou, gongren jieji shi lingdao jieji. Yao chongfen fahui gongren jieji zai wenhua da geming zhong he yiqie gongzuo zhongde lingdao zuoyong. Gongren jieji ye yingdang zai douzheng zhong buduan tigao zijide zhengzhi juewu. (我国有七亿人口,工人阶级是领导阶级。要充分发挥工人阶级在文化大革命中和一切工作中的领导作用。工人阶级也应当在斗争中不断提高自己的政治觉悟。)
Publisher unknown
Size: 77x53 cm.
Call number: PC-196b-009 (Private collection)

Below the Mao quotation is a pile of mangoes. The text on the red band reads: Respectfully wish Chairman Mao eternal life! (Jingzhu Mao zhuxi wanshou wujiang! 敬祝毛主席万寿无疆!).
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