Chen Gengxin (陈更新)

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Chen Gengxin (1924), also known as Tian Ye (田野), was born in Hezhou, Guangxi Province. In middle school, he participated in an anti-Japanese cartoon woodcut group, drew posters, printed woodcut leaflets, and participated in anti-Japanese art propaganda activities. In 1943, he was admitted to the Western Painting Department of the Guilin Academy of Fine Arts. Under the guidance of the famous woodcarver Professor Huang Xinbo, he worked hard on woodcarving, and later joined the All-China Woodcarving Association. Since the early 1950s, he has participated in several "National Printmaking Exhibitions" and "National Art Exhibitions".

In 1991, he won the Contribution Award for China's Emerging Printmaking. Dozens of works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, the Shenzhou Printmaking Museum and other local art galleries, museums, as well as some cultural and art institutions and art collectors at home and abroad.

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