Cheng Man (程曼)

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Cheng ManCheng Man (1919-2001) was born in Jingle, Shanxi Province. He excelled at Chinese painting.

In 1939, Cheng studied at the Lu Xun Art Academy in Yan'an, and served as the vice chairman of the Shanxi Artists Association (山西美協). His other positions included: art editor of Taiyue Daily, secretary of the Shanxi Branch of the Chinese Artists Association, deputy director and deputy editor of Shanxi Pictorial, director of the Shanxi Provincial Art Studio, and deputy secretary-general of the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Among his best known works are "Kuangshan Home for the Aged" (矿山敬老院), "Bring Water" (送水) and "Bianjiang River" (澜沧江畔).程曼 (retrieved 25 January 2019)

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