Liu Renqing (刘仁庆)

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liurenqingLiu Renqing (1942), also known as Lu Yan (鲁燕), was from Laiyang, Shandong Province. In early 1960, he graduated from high school and enlisted as a soldier in the Communications Corps of the Jinan Military Region, and was admitted to the Shandong Academy of Arts (the predecessor of the Shandong Academy of Arts). In 1964, he created the poster "Study Everyday and Practice Everyday" and "Hard Work Style Passed on from Generation to Generation" and was selected for the Shandong Province Art Exhibition. He was made an artist of the Jinan Military Region Art Group in 1965. In the years 1968-1978, he became Art editor of the People's Liberation Army Newspaper (解放军报社). He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Beijing Normal University. He is currently deputy investigator of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, a member of the Beijing Artists Association and a member of the China International Ballroom Association.

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