Mali Jitu (马力吉图)

Mali Jitu (1928) was born in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province. He belongs to the Mongolian minority. After he finished junior high school in 1945, he joined the People's Liberation Army. In 1948, he joined the editorial office of the Neimenggu huabao [内蒙古画报 Inner Mongolia Illustrated]. He became a Party member in 1953, and a year later, he went to the Central Art Academy for two years. After graduation, he resumed his editorial work.

Mali is known for his oil paintings, Chinese paintings and New Year pictures. His works, for which he has received awards, have been included in various national collections.

Beijing yuyan xueyuan Zhongguo yishujia cidian bianweihui, Zhongguo yishujia cidian -- Xiandai diyi fence (Changsha: Hunan renmin chubanshe, 1981) [in Chinese]

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