Niu Weiyu (牛畏予)

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Niu Weiyu (1927-2020) was a native of Tanghe County, Henan Province. Ms. Niu participated in the revolution in the spring of 1945 and studied at the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University. In 1947, she served as the propaganda officer of the Political Department of the Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan Military Region. In 1948, she served as a photojournalist for the North China Pictorial. Later, she followed the Army to the south and worked for the Southwest Pictorial. In early 1951, she transferred to the Press and Photography Bureau as a photojournalist, and served as the photojournalist of the North China Branch of Xinhua News Agency and the photojournalist of the Beijing Branch. In 1955, she served as a photojournalist for the Central News Agency and was transferred to the external affairs team in 1973. In 1978, she served as the photography team leader of the Hong Kong branch and retired in 1982. During the New China period, female-related news photography subjects were usually assigned to female photographers as shooting tasks. This was also the source of the visual image of women in the New China period. As one of the few female photographers, Niu photographed widely circulated female images during the New China period, including the first batch of female pilots in New China.

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