Shao Jingyun (邵靓云)

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Shao Jingyun (1914-1984) was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu Province. When she was young, she studied at the Changshu County Girls' Middle School. Later, she studied painting with flower-and-bird painter Jiang Hanting (江寒汀). After marrying the watercolor painter Li Yongsen (李咏森), the couple settled in Shanghai. Ms. Shao went to the Xinhua Art College for further studies. After graduation, she made a living from painting. In 1948, she served as a teacher of the Chinese Painting Specialty Course of the Shanghai School of the Suzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

After the founding of the PRC, she created a new Chinese painting "Farmers Turning Over to Live a Good Life", which was published by the New Art Publishing House; the New Year paintings "Our Motherland is Large", "Mom, I Join the Team", "Campfire Evening", etc. were published by Shanghai huapian chubanshe. Later she was hired as a special New Year picture creator by the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. From 1958 on, she taught part-time courses in the Fine Arts Department of the Shanghai Light Industry School, the Department of Architecture of Tongji University, and the Shanghai Arts and Crafts School. In her later years, she was obsessed with watercolor painting.

Ms. Shao was known for her Chinese painting and Western painting.

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