Shi Banghua (施邦华)

shibanghuaShi Banghua (1931) hails from Shanghai. He started his training in the Chinese Painting Department of the Shanghai Art School in 1949, and graduated in 1952 from the Applied Arts Department of the East China branch of the Central Art Academy. In the following years, he worked in the Art Creation Office of the Shandong Provincial Art Office, the Shandong Illustrated (Shandong huabao, 山东画报), the Shandong Provincial Industrial Arts Research Office and the Shandong Provincial Exhibition Work Office. Since 1977, he is attached to the New Year Print Creation and Research Office of the Shandong Provincial Museum of Art.

Shi is acclaimed for his New Year prints for which he was awarded numerous prizes. His work has been included in the collection of the China Art Gallery.

Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

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