Shu Zhan (舒展)

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shuzhanShu Zhan (1945) was born in Yantai, Shandong Province. After his graduation from the Art Department of Shandong Normal University in 1968, he joined the People's Liberation Army. Until his demobilization in 1987, he was active in arts work in various Army units in the Jinan Military Region. In 1986, he was admitted to the Department of Special Arts of the Central Academy of Art and Design, majoring in decorative painting. In 1988, he was transferred to the Yantai branch of the Shandong Publishing House and served as the deputy director of the editorial office. In the same year, he was transferred to the Yantai Painting Academy and served as the deputy secretary of the party branch. He retired in 2005.

Shu is specialized in oil painting and won various prizes for his works.

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Bright and brave (1982, May)

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