Wang Yanlin (王炎林)

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Wang Yanlin (1940-2010) was born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. In 1961, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Xi'an Art Academy and was sent to work in the Xi'an Film Studios. In the following years Wang worked in design in Xi'an and surrounding counties. In 1985, he transferred back to the Xi'an Film Studios to work on film advertising.

Wang is known for his water colors and Chinese paintings. He is the recipient of a number of art prizes.

Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

Double happiness I (1958, October)
Double happiness II (1958, October)

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