Wu Zhenxiang (吴侦祥)

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Wu Zhenxiang (1935) hails from Changsha, Hunan Province. In 1953, he joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army, where he served as a radar operator and propagandist. He started to create art in his spare time in 1958, when he enrolled in a study course devoted to water colors in the Fine Arts class of the Shanghai Workers Cultural Palace.

He left the Army in 1973 to become a professional artist. From 1980-1981, he took a refresher course in Chinese painting at the Central Art Academy, and in 1987, he studied at the People's Liberation Art Academy. He now is a member of the Creative Office of the Political Department of the Nanjing Air Force.

Wu excels in water colors, but is known for his woodblock prints as well. He has often cooperated with Yu Shimei when designing posters.

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