Xiao Feng (肖锋)

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xiaofengXiao Feng (1932), whose original name is Yu Hongqing (余洪庆), is from Jiangdu, Jiangsu Province. When he was eleven years old, he joined a travelling company of the Revolutionary Youth Art Group in the East China Liberated Area. In 1950, he started his artistic training in the East China (Shanghai) Branch of the Central Art Academy. He was sent to the Soviet Union to study oil painting in 1954, and after his graduation and return to China in 1960, he taught at the Zhejiang Art Academy. In 1973, he transferred to the Oil Painting and Sculpture Department of the Shanghai Art Academy. Ten years later, he returned to the Zhejiang Art Academy, where he became a full professor.

Xiao is known for his oil paintings, for which he has received prizes. The poster 'Follow the road of the revolutionary elders' from 1976 is a collaborative work, for which he joined forces with Jin Guangyu, Song Ren and Wu Yumei.

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