Xu Quanqun (许全群)

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xuquanqunXu Quanqun (1943) was born in Lushan County, Henan Province. He graduated from Beijing No. 24 Middle School in 1959 and was admitted to the High School Attached to Beijing Academy of Arts. After graduating from the High School Affiliated to Beijing Academy of Arts, he worked as an art instructor, and was later transferred to the "May 1st and October 1st Office" to engage in the design of festivals. During this period, he created a large number of New Year pictures, comic strips, illustrations and oil paintings, which were often published in newspapers, books and periodicals. In 1979, he worked in the creative studio of People's Fine Arts Publishing House, engaged in professional creation. In 1999, he was a visiting professor at the Kuala Lumpur College of the Arts. In 2003, he co-founded the Malacca Chinese Painting Art Center.

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