You Yunchang (游允常)

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You Yunchang (1923-2002) was from Luoyang, Henan Province. In 1943, he entered the Fine Arts Department of the Central University and started with stone carving. After his graduation from the Oil Painting Department of the National Beiping Art School in 1948, he went to Hong Kong in 1949. He returned to Guangzhou in 1950 and helped set up the South China Illustrated (Huanan huabao, 华南画报). In 1953, he transfered to the People's Fine Arts Publishing House to become an editor with Serial Cartoon Illustrated (Lianhuan huabao, 连环画报). After his transfer to the Beijing Industrial Design University in 1961, he became the head of the Drawing Instruction Group. He returned to the People's Fine Arts Publishing House in 1979, where he became an adviser.

Despite his various artistic activities, You was mainly known for his cartoons.

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