Zhao Bingquan (赵秉泉)

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zhaobingquanZhao Bingquan (1946), also known as Baishui (白水), was born in Gaizhou City, Liaoning Province. He joined the army in 1965 and had to train for 3 months, but he was transferred to work on an exhibition after only 7 days of training. His portraits of Chairman Mao were vivid and lifelike, all the troops invited him to paint, and he became famous for a while. The People's Liberation Army Pictorial (解放军画) also asked him to draw a series of comic strips reflecting military heroes who saved lives. In 1973, Zhao transferred to the Gaizhou Cultural Center to engage in professional art work. Since then, his paintings have won awards one after another in provinces and cities.

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