Chia Chih-pu, Workers of Anyuan Will Always Be Faithful to Chairman Mao

Originally published in:
China Pictorial 1968 n. 9, pp. 16-17

When we workers of Anyuan saw the revolutionary oil painting Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan, we were filled with joy and excitement. Our great teacher Chairman Mao was the initiator as well as the leader of the workers' revolutionary movement of Anyuan. The famous general strike of the Anyuan railway workers and coal-miners 47 years ago was personally launched and led by Chairman Mao. In the autumn of 1921, our respected and beloved Chairman Mao, bearing the heavy burden of the Chinese revolution, came to Anyuan, as shown in the oil painting. As soon as he arrived, he went down into the deep, wet pits to chat with the workers, and learn about their sufferings. He spread Marxism among them, calling upon them to get organized and unite as one to smash the old "man-eat-man" society and build a new world in which the labouring people were the masters.


Under the wise leadership of Chairman Mao, we

p. 16

railway workers and coal-miners rose up and carried out a general strike, in which we struggled resolutely against the ferocious class enemies and won a splendid victory. In 1927, following Chairman Mao closely, the workers of Anyuan took part in the great Autumn Harvest Uprising. They marched on to the Chingkang Mountains, and took the revolutionary road of building revolutionary bases in the countryside, surrounding the cities from the countryside and seizing political power by armed force.

This revolutionary oil painting deals a heavy blow at China's Khrushchov. In order to grab credit for himself, China's Khrushchov together with his trumpeters set up a black exhibition which viciously tampered with the revolutionary history of Anyuan, turning it upside down. During the great proletarian cultural revolution, the revolutionary workers rose to smash this "monument" of China's Khrushchov to smithereens. Since this revolutionary oil painting Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan vividly reproduces the true history of the early struggle between the two lines following the founding of our Party, it pictures our red hearts full of warm love for Chairman Mao. Greatly moved, we coal-miners of Anyuan, our blood surging with enthusiasm, pledge with determination: Always be loyal to Chairman Mao and follow Chairman Mao closely forever in waging revolution!

p. 17

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