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Zhu Boru

Study Zhu Boru to become a new Lei Feng of the 1980s, 1983

Study Zhu Boru to become a new Lei Feng of the 1980s, 1983

Zhu Boru (朱伯儒, born 1938) was the assistant head of the Logistics Department of the airforce units stationed in Wuhan. As a CCP-member, he was a representative of the 6th National People's Congress. Zhu joined the People's Liberation Army in 1955 and has since that time performed numerous great tasks, both within and without the ranks.

Zhu saved at least seven people from death on the front line. In all, he received 21 awards and citations. For all these reasons, he was called one of the 'Lei Fengs of the 1980s' and made into a model for emulation. Other 'Lei Fengs of the 1980s', selected for their individual contributions and sacrifices, included Jiang Zhuying, Zhang Hua and Zhang Haidi.

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