Chen Xinghua (陈兴华)

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Chen Xinghua (1924-1997) was born in Qingxu, Shanxi Province. His only education consisted of four years of primary school and he received no formal art training. In 1937, he joined the Eight Route Army, the predecessor of the People's Liberation Army, and served under He Long. In the Army, he produced propaganda art. After 1945, he worked as an art editor with the Dongbei huabao 东北画报 (Northeastern Illustrated), the Central Newsreel Office, and the People's Fine Arts Publishing House. In 1951, he went to Korea to fight in the war. In 1958, he was tranferred to a teaching post in the Art Department of Gansu Normal University. He became a professor in the Art Department of Northwest Normal University.

Chen made sketches, New Year pictures, propaganda posters and comic strips, some of which have been awarded prizes. His oil painting of Huang Jiguang is in the collection of the Museum of the Revolutionary People's Army in Beijing.

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