Dong Zhengyi (董正谊)

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Dong Zhengyi (1917-1989) was from Huxian, Shaanxi Province. Dong was active as a peasant painter in the 1960s. On a 1974 edition of his best-known work,  "The Commune's Fish Pond", he is identified as Representative of the Poor Association of the Nanguan Brigade of the Chengjiao Commune.

In his youth, he learned art from a teacher, engaged in temple painting and mural painting, and worked in landscapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects. After participating in peasant painting activities, he has made great efforts to transform to modern painting, becoming a folk painter who combined ancient folk painting and modern painting in the farmer painting team of Huxian County. "The Commune's Fish Pond" was once displayed in the Shaanxi Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. After being copied, it was presented as a gift to the former US President Nixon to beautify the bedroom.

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