Feng Guolin (冯国琳)

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fengguolinFeng Guolin (1932-2000) was from Shenyang, Liaoning Province. He graduated in 1951 from Northeast Lu Xun Art Academy, and subsequently worked in the offices of the Northeast Pictorial 东北画报, now known as the Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House. He was employed as a journalist, artist and editor. In 1956, he was sent to Beijing for further study, and in the 1960s he went to Yangliuqing and other places to study New Year pictures.

Feng Guolin excels in New Year pictures.

Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

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