He Kongde (何孔德)

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hekongdeHe Kongde (1925-2003) was a native of Xichong, Sichuan Province. In 1943, he entered the arts department of the National Chongqing Normal University, and in 1946, he transferred to the Printing and Dyeing department of the Sichuan Provincial Art School. That same year, he joined the People's Liberation Army, where he worked in a cultural group. He joined the Chinese Volunteer Army in 1951, and while taking part in the Korean War, he continued producing art in his spare time.

He studied under the Soviet artist Konstantin Maksimov in the Central Art Academy in 1955, and was employed in the Arts Department of the PLA General Political Department in 1957. He was seconded to the Museum of the Revolutionary Army in 1962, where he produced art until his retirement in 1987.

He was an expert in oil painting and watercolor who has been praised for his rousing renditions of military scenes. He received a number of prizes in his long career.

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