He Nan (何南)

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He Nan (1927) was born in Guangzhou. As a youngster, he participated in anti-Japanese propaganda activities. In 1947, he entered the Western Art Department of the Beiping National Painting School. A year later, he joined the People's Liberation Army and paticipated in the liberation of Jiangxi Province. He then served as a secretary and propaganda worker. In 1950, he joined the People's Volunteers and was sent to Korea, where he edited the Struggle Illustrated (战斗画报 Zhandou huabao). After demobilization in 1952, he became the arts editor of the Northeastern Illustrated (东北画报 Dongbei huabao) and the Liaoning Illustrated (辽宁画报 Liaoning huabao). In the Anti-Rightists Movement that followed the Hundred Flower Movement in 1957, he was removed from his positions. After his rehabilitation, only in 1979, he returned to the Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, where he designed New Year prints; moreover, he became an editor of the Weekly Illustrated (星期画报 Xingqi huabao). He retired in 1987.

He is known for his water colors, oil paintings and New Year prints.

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Comrades-in-arms (1982, June)

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