Luo Gongliu (罗工柳)

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luogongliuLuo Gongliu (1916-2004) was from Kaiping, Guangdong Province. After starting his studies at the Hangzhou Art Academy in 1936, he went to Yan'an in 1938, where he enrolled in the Lu Xun Art Academy. Later, he worked in the Taihang Liberated Area. Luo worked in various art institutions in North-China from 1946, culminating in his posting at the Central Art Academy in 1950. In 1955, he was sent to the Soviet Union to study oil painting. After his return in 1958, Luo worked in various capacities at the Central Art Academy. One of these was heading Studio 2, dedicated to realistic oil painting.

Luo's specialities are oil painting and woodcuts.

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