Wang Manshuo (王曼硕)

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wangmanshuoWang Manshuo (1905-1985) was born in Feicheng, Shandong Province. He graduated in 1924 from the Design Department of the Beiping Art School, then went back home to learn by himself. In 1927, he went to Japan, where he enrolled in the Oil Painting Department of the Tokyo Art Academy. After finishing his studies and subsequent research in 1935, he returned to China where he worked in the privately run Jinghua Academy and in the National Beiping Art School. In 1938, he went to Yan'an, where he became a faculty member of the Lu Xun Art Academy. Upon moving to the Northeast, he joined the Northeast Art Academy in 1946. From 1947-1949, he served as a journalist with the Hejiang Daily (河江日报) and the Northeastern Illustrated (东北画报 Dongbei huabao).

Then he joined the teaching staff at Northeastern Lu Xun Academy, becoming a professor. After serving a stint as an administrator in the Cultural Office of the Northeastern Regional Government, he went to Beijing in 1954, where he became a professor at the Central Art Academy. In 1980, he became an advisor to the China Art Research Institute.

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