Xu Xiaobing (徐肖冰)

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houboXu Xiaobing (1916-2009) was born in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. He joined the Eighth Route Army in 1937. During his studies at the Yan'an Anti-Japanese War University, he took photographs of Mao Zedong giving lectures. He has successively participated in the photography or directing work of many documentary films such as "Yan'an and the Eighth Route Army" (延安与八路军), "Resisting America, Aid Korea" (抗美援朝), and "The Founding Ceremony of the Nation" (开国大典).

Xu was the spouse of Hou Bo. Together, they enjoyed unparallelled access to the CCP leadership. Their photographs record the early years of the People's Republic.

Leader Mao Zedong (1997, February)

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