Zhang Cizhong (张慈中)

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zhangcizhongZhang Cizhong (1924-2019) was a native of Shanghai. He was the first-generation famous book binding artist in New China. In 1957, he was named and criticized by the People's Daily and was classified as a rightist. He was not sent to Heilongjiang for labor reform because he needed to design many important political books for the central government. After having been mistakenly classified as a rightist, Zhang still devoted himself to his work regardless of personal grievances. During this period, he not only completed the design of the first issue of the party magazine Red Flag (Hongqi 红旗), but also took charge of the design and layout of the exhibition hall of the Chinese Revolutionary History Museum. Books such as The Complete Works of Lenin, The Complete Works of Marx and Engels, The Selected Works of Mao Zedong, and Das Kapital were all designed during this period.

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