Wang Weixu (王伟戌)

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wangweixuWang Weixu (1934) was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He joined the painter Chen Shengduo's private studio in 1950. For three to four years, he studied drawing, watercolor and oil painting. In 1956, the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House established the New Year Painting Creation Research Room. The famous calendar poster artists in Shanghai were appointed three studios, the "Jin Meisheng Studio", the "Li Mubai, Jin Xuechen Studio" and the "Xie Zhiguang Studio", recruiting youths, teaching painting theory, and training new designers. At the age of 22, Wang Weixu was admitted and became a student in Jin Meisheng's studio. There, he studied for a year before becoming a full-fledged staff member, successively serving as creative editor and deputy director of the editorial department. His main works include the propaganda posters "Striving for a Better Harvest in Agriculture", "Our Beloved Leader Chairman Mao", "An airplane sprays chemicals" and so on.

Wang excels in figure painting, propaganda posters and gouache painting.

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