Zhou Ruizhuang (周瑞庄)

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zhouruizhuangZhou Ruizhuang (1930) is from Wuxing, Zhejiang Province. In 1949, he enrolled in the East China Branch of the Central Art Academy, and in 1951, he joined the English Department of the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Zhejiang Art Academy in 1958, and was sent to work at the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. Here, he designed propaganda art and did editorial work.

In 1961, Zhou taught art at the Shanghai Publishing Institute, but in 1963, he returned to the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. Presently, he is still attached to the Publishing House in an advisory capacity.

Zhou is considered the ultimate propaganda artist: in every historical period, he designed at least one image that is still remembered today.

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