Daddy, this is how you write this character

爸爸, 这个字是这样写的
Baba, zheige zi shi zheiyang xiede
Daddy, this is how you write this character
1954, October
Xin meishu chubanshe (新美术出版社), Shanghai
77.5x53.5 cm.
BG E13/710

This image is designed in a style reminiscent of the calendar posters that were so popular in the urban and rural areas from the 1920s onward. The poster contains many layers of meaning: the material wellbeing of the peasantry, the abundance of life in the countryside, the (successful) struggle against illiteracy, etc. Note how learning how to read and write is clearly linked to familiarizing the people with new policies, in this case the policy of mutual cooperation that was spread in the rural areas. 'Mutual cooperation' (互助合作 - huzhu hezuo) are the characters the father is writing in the soil.
This is a print from the second edition (November 1954).

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