Chinese Posters Foundation

The 'Stichting Chinese Posters' (Chinese Posters Foundation) aims to:

  • promote the collecting of Chinese propaganda posters,
  • acquire knowledge about Chinese propaganda posters,
  • raise interest in Chinese propaganda posters.

It tries to achieve its aims by:

  • acquiring, or obtaining on loan, Chinese propaganda posters and related materials (such as publishers' catalogues, secundary literature on the subject),
  • managing, conserving, cataloguing and publishing Chinese propaganda posters and related materials,
  • making institutional and private collections known to the public,
  • carrying out and promoting research on Chinese propaganda posters,
  • publishing, and promoting the publishing of, information on Chinese propaganda posters and research results in the field,
  • cooperating with public institutions in the field (such as museums, archives, libraries and scientific research institutions),
  • raising funds,
  • conducting everything related or beneficial to the above, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Making a profit is explicitly not a goal of the Foundation. All income will be spent on realizing the Foundation's aims.

The Stichting Chinese Posters was founded on 29 October 2010 in Amsterdam, and is registered with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce), Amsterdam, under nr. 51186063. The Stichting Chinese Posters is managed by a board, consisting of Jaap Kloosterman (chairman), Stefan R. Landsberger (secretary), and Marien van der Heijden (treasurer).

The Stichting Chinese Posters can be reached

by e-mail:
info -- at --

or by mail:
Stichting Chinese Posters
G. Terborgstraat 36 I
1071 TP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Bank account:
ING Bank, PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands


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