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Stefan R. Landsberger

Stefan R. Landsberger (1955) was trained as a sinologist at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Fascinated by totalitarian propaganda, he started to collect Chinese propaganda posters in the 1970s. His collection has grown into one of the largest private collections in the world. Having had access to these posters for such a long time, he has come to consider them as rich primary sources for research on contemporary Chinese developments. For that reason, Landsberger used them as the basis for his Ph.D. research, which focussed on materials published in the 1980s. The results were published as Chinese Propaganda Posters - From Revolution to Modernization (Amsterdam / Armonk: Pepin Press / M.E. Sharpe, 1996, reprinted in 1998 and 2001). The book also appeared in German, under the title Chinesische Propaganda - Kunst und Kitsch zwischen Revolution und Alltag (Köln: DuMont, 1996).

Over the years, Landsberger has continued his collecting activities, as well as his research on Chinese propaganda. This has led to numerous publications, including "Learning by What Example? Educational Propaganda in Twenty-first-Century China", Critical Asian Studies, vol. 33, No. 4 (December 2001), pp. 541-571; Paint it red - Fifty years of Chinese Propaganda Posters (Groningen: Uitgeverij Intermed, 1998); and "The Deification of Mao: Religious Imagery and Practices during the Cultural Revolution and Beyond", Woei Lien Chong (ed.), China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: Master Narratives and Post-Mao Counternarratives (Asia/Pacific/Perspectives) (Boulder, CO: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2002), pp. 139-184. He has (co-)curated exhibitions in Hamburg (1995), Groningen (1998) and Rotterdam (2008). He maintained the website "Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages" (1997-2010), and now maintains

Landsberger is Olfert Dapper Professor of Contemporary Chinese Culture at the University of Amsterdam and Associate Professor of contemporary Chinese History at Leiden University external link, The Netherlands, member of the editorial board of the journal China Information external link, published by Sage Publications external link, and secretary of the Chinese Posters Foundation.

The following friends, colleagues, fellow-collectors and assorted poster buffs have contributed to the Stefan R. Landsberger collection:

Karin Aalderink, Sigrun Abels, James Baughman, Jacco Bax, Bi Shuzheng, Richard Caton external link, Cheng Chen, Dong Zhongchao, Torsten Dorow, Leo Douw, Victoria Edison external link, Paul van Els external link, Niels van Erck, Pieter Fleury, Keith Forster, Guo Lulai, Fran├žoise Hauser, Marien van der Heijden, Hans Hinrup, Nigel Howarth, Huang Hui, Huang Jinshan, Erik van Ingen Schenau external link, Tin Jansen, Jeroen de Kloet, Katherine Knight, Paul Koolenbrander, Oliver Lammerts, Claudia Landsberger, Hiu Ying Lau, Li Nan, Li Tieqiang, Irene van Lieshout, Tjyying Liu, Liu Xinwei, Liu Yong, Liu Zhanquan external link, Floris-Jan van Luyn, Jan van der Made, Burchard Mansvelt Beck, Shawn McElravy external link, Dave Nedde, Victor Pallemans, Peter Peverelli external link, Garrie van Pinxteren, Rupert Powell external link, Marlies Rexwinkel, Helen Rigby, Mickey Ross external link, Tony Saich, Arnaud Sarrade, Justin Schiller external link, Andreas Seifert, Michael Schoenhals, Melvin Soudijn, Chris To Kwok Ho external link, Robert Walsh, Rene Wanner external link, Yan Huizeng, Yang Peiming, Yu Zhenming, Yuan Peng, Zhang Xiaoshan.

A great many thanx to y'all, as well as to all others who may not see their names mentioned here!

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