Cai Liang (蔡亮)

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cailiangCai Liang (1932-1995) was a native of Xiamen, Fujian Province. He graduated from the graduate course of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. During the anti-Hu Feng Campaign in 1955, he was exiled to Xi'an. From 1964-1965, he studied history painting under Luo Gongliu at the Central Art Academy. In 1978, Cai was made a professor at the Xi'an Art College, and a member of the China Artists Association. In 1981, he transferred to the Zhejiang Art Academy.

Cai excelled in oil painting and murals. Many of his works have been collected by the China Art Gallery and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution. Experts value Cai's works less than those of his contemporaries: they indicate that although he successfully stressed the themes, his art work was lacking in strength. Cai collaborated with Zhang Ziyi.

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