Chen Qi (陈其)

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chenqiChen Qi (1927-2022) was born in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. He joined the revolution in 1941, and during the war he was active in various military art sections, including that of the New Fourth Route Army. From 1950-1952, he completed his art education at the Central Art Academy. His last posting was in the Art Office of the Political Section of the Nanjing Military Region.

In 1965, Chen worked with Zhao Guangtao, Hu Jinye and Wang Wentao to produce a six-sheet series devoted to the 'self-sacrifice' that was valued so much at the time by Lin Biao and other leaders. The posters feature titles as 'Charge courageously, the bayonet colors red' and 'Brave and resourceful, be ever victorious'.

Chen, who specialized in oil painting, received a People's Liberation Army Art prize in 1983 for his impression of the Huai-Hai Battle. He collaborated with Chen Jian, Zhao Guangtao and Wei Chuyu on this painting.

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