Yuan Hao (袁浩)

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yuanhaoYuan Hao (1941) was born in Xincai County, Henan Province. From 1959-1962, he studied in the Middle School Attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1962-1967, he studied in Dong Xiwen's studio at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. From 1973-1979, he served in the Art Troupe of the Beijing Military Region.

Yuan's forte is oil painting. He collaborated on the 1973 painting 'The great proletarian cultural revolution must be waged to the end' with Hou Yimin and Deng Shu.

Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

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