Yu Yunjie (俞云阶)

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yuyunjie, self-portrait 1958Yu Yunjie (1917-1992) was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. After his graduation from the Art Department of the National Central University in 1941, he taught at the National Art Training School and in the Western Art Department of the Suzhou Art Training School. From 1955-1957, he enrolled in a refresher course in the Oil Painting Department of the Central Art Academy, studying under the Soviet artist Konstantin Maksimov. He was adviser with the Shanghai Institute of Oil Painting and Plastic Arts and the Art Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Yu was one of many artists singled out during the Anti-Rightists campaign (1957), and barred from official exhibitions until 1962. He remained active in Shanghai throughout the Cultural Revolution.

Yu specialized in oil painting.

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