Zeng Jigang (曾纪纲)

ZengjigangZeng Jigang (? -2020) was a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a member of the Central State Organ Artists Association, the vice chairman of the China Petroleum Artists Association, and the chief editor of the China Petroleum News. His works have been selected for many important national exhibitions sponsored by the China Artists Association, and have won the Bronze Award of the Sixth National Art Exhibition, the Gold Award of the National Art Exhibition of the Central Propaganda Department, the Gold Award of the 30th Anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone National Invitation Exhibition of Famous Works, and the China News Gold Award. He has published in People's Daily (Renmin ribao), Liberation Army Daily (Jiefangjun ribao), Guangming Daily (Guangming ribao), Worker's Daily (Gongren ribao), Fine Arts (Meishu), Comic Pictorial (Lianhuanhua bao), etc.

"Chinese artists 'fight' the virus with artworks", China Daily Online, 3 April 2020

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