I want real general elections #Umbrella Movement

我要真普选 #Umbrella Movement
Wo yao zhen puxuan #Umbrella Movement
I want real general elections #Umbrella Movement
Apple Daily HK (苹果日报)
89x22 cm.
BG E37/587

The Umbrella movement was a protest movement that swept through Hong Kong from late September to mid-December 2014, and that challenged the plans of the PRC central government to pre-screen the candidates for Hong Kong’s top government post. The popular name of the movement is derived from the practice of using umbrellas to shield protesters from pepper spray and water cannons.


Bart Barendregt & Florian Schneider, "Digital Activism in Asia: Good, Bad, and Banal Politics Online", Asiascape: Digital Asia 7 (2020), 5-19

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