Wu Yun (吴耘)

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Wu Yun (1922-1977) was from Shanghai. He started out as a post and telecommunications worker. In 1938, he published a cartoon praising the 19th Route Army's resistance against Japan. In 1940, he went to southern Anhui to join the New Fourth Army, and successively served as the head of the art team of the New Fourth Army and the head of the art section of the Art and Craft Troupe of the Political Department of the Seventh Division. During the War of Resistance Against Japan and the civil war, he worked with Ya Ming and others to publish the woodcut pamphlet Knife and Pen (刀与笔). He created woodcuts, comic strips, cartoons, etc. In May 1949, he returned to Shanghai with the troops and worked in the editorial department of the East China Pictorial (华东画报) and the Comic monthly (漫画). In 1955, the publication of Manhua moved to Beijing, and Wu Yun also transferred to Beijing to work.

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